Tunisia Economic City

The project of the century, Tunisia Economic City, TEC, is an economic and urban development stretching over 90 square kilometers (9,000 hectares) on the eastern coast of Tunisia with an 18 kilometers beach front.

Tunisia Economic City
Tunisia Economic City

The project is divided into 15 smaller cities with different functionalities: Media City, Healthcare City, Logistic City, Commercial Deepwater Sea Port, Logistic City, Sports City.. etc.

Tunisia Economic City will house up to 500,000 residents when completed in 12 years from its launch and will create 250,000 jobs all over the Tunisian country. It has already attracted the participation of at least 120 international major corporations each in its respective field.

Initial estimates put the project cost at $50 billion over the next 12 years, which is a substantial amount that will help boost the country’s economy and the whole of Africa as it is progressing.

Partners Investment LLC are the official representatives of Tunisia Economic City, we are located in Dubai and can be reached by email: [email protected]

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