Partners Investment LLC

Company name per license: Partners Investment LLC

Paid up capital 3,000,000 United Arab Emirates Dirhams (US$817,500)

Activities: Startup projects, invest in existing projects, Joint Venture (JV) projects, Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects.

Fields: Infrastructure, Real Estate Development, Planning and Management of Projects, Ports, Residential Districts, Healthcare Development, Hospitality Development, Logistics Development, Media, Sports, Communication, IT Information Technology, Roads and Transportation, Power Stations, Renewable Energy, Water Desalination and Water Treatment, Land Reclamation, Turn Key Solutions.

Locations of Interest: the Middle East and North Africa, Central Africa, Near East, Indian Subcontinent, Australia and Canada.

Sizes of Projects: $500,000 to $50 Billion per project. We can contribute significantly from our own resources or our partners and clients.

Partners Investment LLC 
P.O.Box 58148

Business Bay, Dubai 
Email: [email protected]